Curating and production of the exhibition


Context is Everything curated and produced the exhibition Close for Het Nutshuis in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

The 11 artists from the Close exhibition focus on subjects and inspiration close to their hearts: relationships, family, personal observations and themselves. They use photography, video and collages to give us an intimate glimpse of their own inner circles.
A mobile library with a wide range of titles relating to the theme has been set up especially for this exhibition.

During the evenings, the pictures and videos from the exhibition will be on view from the street in the ‘Acte de présence’ art room, Jan Hendrikstraat 17 (around the corner from het Nutshuis).

Artists: Florian Braakman (the Netherlands), Katrien de Blauwer (Belgium), Geraldine Kang (Singapore), Iztok Klančar (the Netherlands), Sarah Eechaut (Belgium), Colin Gray (Great Britain), Marina Richter (Germany), Bruno Roels (Belgium), Lina Scheynius (Sweden), Zhe Chen (China), Isabelle Wenzel (Germany).